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Tomako, Japan ( 38 years)

At the beginning I saw a lot of visions. At the end I got afraid because there were so many.

Later I felt that Albert was my father in another life. Then I started talking to him but in another language, I didn`t know which language that was.

In knew I lost my father in another life .And I was in Peru. I knew that the reason why I came here to Peru to do the retreat was to find him. And now I don`t want to lose him again.

Sheehan, United States( 26 years )

The magic continues with Gabi and Albert ¡!

Words cannot express my gratitude for all you’ve  done for me. I leave Peru feeling healed and inspired to bring the lightwork lessons yo`ve shared with me to the USA!!

I look forward to learning, playing and living with you both soon again and see us working together

Yukie, from Tokio – Japan,( 40 years)


During the experience  I  had a regresión  traveling back to when I  was a fetus, and way back to another life. I saw myself in another life, 4 years old. There was destruction all around me and I was looking for my mom, but she was not there and I knew I have been abandoned.

Then I traveled back to another life and  I saw myself as a 10 day old baby. I was left in front of church, abandoned.

Experience with Ayahuasca: Tom C. from London- England,( 21 years)

The ceremony took place in a fanstatic basement room with cushons, blankets, candles and other things to make the ceremony complete. It was the most comfortable environment I could have asked for and the people guiding me (Gabi and her husband Albert) were extremely welcoming and helpful throughout my experience. After drinking the first cup of ayahuascha went to sit down in a corner where I meditated for around 20 minutes to try to relax. With my eyes closed, I began to see coloured patterns emerge which slowly became brighter and more detailed.